New Jaguar Models in Cleveland OH

Jaguar Offers Luxury Models for Every Need

When you think of luxury cars you might think of select markets, as in they don't offer a variety of body styles to meet all of the needs that customers might need. In this, you would be wrong. Jaguar offers everything that you could need through its diverse model lineup.

Jaguar E-PACE

Compact SUVs have carved out their own segment of the market over the past few years, and the E-PACE is a welcomed addition to it. It is the first vehicle in this segment for Jaguar, and is able to surpass many contenders because of its distinct design and agility.

Jaguar F-PACE

The F-PACE is the first luxury performance SUV offered by Jaguar, and it is a good baseline to continue their production. It will provide some of the strongest performance while still offering everything that you would expect from an SUV.

Jaguar F-Type

Simply put: the race car. When you want a vehicle that sends pure excitement when you accelerate, this is the one for you. Maintaining practicality, it offers an all-wheel drive option alongside the standard rear wheel drive option. Chose a sedan or convertible model, whichever suits your style better.

Jaguar XE

The Jaguar XE offers engines that range from ultra-efficient to super powerful. They want to make sure the compact luxury segment of the market doesn't become stale by manufacturers offering a generic car with all the same luxury features.

Jaguar XF

The Jaguar XF comes into the mid-sized market with a roar; its impressive performance makes it great, but offering it in sedan and sportbrake body styles gives it a distinct feel, offering what other vehicles don't.

Jaguar XJ

At the top of the premium luxury sedan segment for Jaguar sits the XJ. As it looks down on the rest of the lineup, it offers ample interior space while still maintaining powerful performance.

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