Jaguar F-Type Dashboard Lights Cleveland OH | Jaguar Westside If you see a dashboard light come on during your drives around Cleveland, Parma, and Garfield Heights, it’s important to know what it is your car is trying to tell you. That’s why Jaguar Westside put together this Jaguar F-TYPE dashboard light guide. Check out this guide to learn more about your car’s dashboard lights.

Red Jaguar F-TYPE Dashboard Lights

The red Jaguar F-TYPE dashboard lights are primary warnings. They indicate that a vital system may have malfunctioned and requires immediate attention.

Critical Warning Message: This looks like an exclamation point inside a triangle. If you see this light, check your instrument panel for relevant messages and take the appropriate action.

Jaguar F-Type Oil Change Dashboard Light

Brake: If you see a red light that spells the word “BRAKE,” there may be a braking system fault. Pull over as soon as it’s safe and contact your nearest Jaguar service center. Continuing to drive with this light lit could lead to brake failure.

Low Oil Pressure: The Low Oil Pressure Light looks like the image of an oil can and indicates that your oil pressure is low. Pull over as soon as it’s safe and contact your Jaguar dealership to check your oil. Do not continue driving or you might experience engine overheating or irreparable seal and gasket damage.

Battery Charge: This light looks like a battery and indicates a potential battery charging system fault. Park the car as soon as it’s safe and contact a certified Jaguar technician.

Engine Temperature: The Engine Temperature Light indicates that your engine’s temperature is too high. This light looks like a thermometer or dipstick being dipped in liquid and may be accompanied by a message in the instrument panel that reads “ENGINE OVERHEATING.” Pull over when safe, turn off the engine, and allow it to cool.

Amber and Yellow Jaguar F-TYPE Dashboard Lights

Amber and yellow dashboard lights are secondary warnings. They may signal a system malfunction or may simply inform the driver that a system is working properly. We’ll focus on two of the most urgent amber and yellow lights here.

Jaguar F-Type Tire Pressure Monitoring SystemCheck Engine: The Check Engine Light is amber in color and looks like an engine. If you see this light, there may be an emissions system fault. If this light is solid, your car may enter “limp-home mode” and reduce vehicle performance to prevent potential damage. If the light is flashing, reduce your speed and pull over as soon as it’s safe to do so. Contact your Jaguar dealership for assistance.

Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS): This dashboard light is yellow and looks like an exclamation mark inside a tire. If it’s solid, one or more of your tires may be significantly under-inflated. Fill your tires to the recommended PSI as soon as possible and avoid any difficult driving maneuvers.

If the light is flashing, there may be a fault with your TPMS. Take your car to the nearest Jaguar service center as soon as possible.

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If you notice any of these Jaguar F-TYPE lights or lights during your drives around Parma, Garfield Heights, or any other neighborhood in the greater Cleveland area, come to Jaguar Westside and we’ll help you get fixed up and back on the road.

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