Jaguar E-PACE Dashboard Lights

The instrument panel of your Jaguar E-PACE is always telling you what needs to be done. Sometimes, though, all those dashboard lights seem to be speaking another language. Thankfully, Westside Jaguar is here with our translator to explain what those lights mean.

If one of the lights on your dash turns on, be sure to stop into our service center in the Cleveland, Parma, or Garfield, Ohio, areas.


Jaguar E-PACE Dashboard Lights | Jaguar Westside

Check Engine

On the Jaguar E-PACE, the check engine light is shaped like an engine. This light turns on if an emissions-related fault has been detected, but it is safe to drive with it turned on.

If the light begins flashing, you should slow down as soon as safely possible and bring it to certified service center. When the light flashes, it could indicate a severe fault.

The engine is the heart of your car, giving it power and keeping everything going. If there’s an issue it should be diagnosed and dealt with as soon as possible.

Low Oil Pressure

If the engine is the heart, then oil is the blood, pumping through the engine and making sure the engine is in tip-top shape.

The low oil pressure indicator light looks like an oil can and turns on when your oil pressure is low. Your Jaguar E-PACE is still safe to drive while this indicator is lit, but you should top up your oil as soon as possible. You can do this yourself or a qualified professional at our service center can do it for you.


Exhaust Filter

If this warning light turns on, it means that your exhaust filter is full, and you should take your Jaguar E-PACE into a service center to get it changed. This warning indicator looks like an exhaust pipe.

If the issue is severe, a warning may display on the instrument panel and a warning tone may sound. If this is the case, slow down as soon as it is safe, and take your vehicle to a certified service center.


Tire Pressure

Tire Pressure

The indicator light shaped like a horseshoe with an exclamation point in the center is the Jaguar E-PACE's tire pressure indicator. This light will turn on when your tire pressure is low.

It is safe to drive your vehicle while this light is illuminated, but you should check your tire pressure as soon as possible, as well as examine for punctures.

Brake Light


The brake warning indicator on the Jaguar E-PACE is a set of parentheses around a circle with an exclamation point in the middle. This light will turn on if brake fluid is low, or there is a brake fault. If you check the fluid and the level is fine, take the car into a service center for a brake inspection.

Bring in Your Jaguar E-PACE Today

If any of these Jaguar E-PACE dashboard lights turn on while you’re on your morning commute, you should bring your Jaguar E-PACE into Jaguar Westside. We service all our friends in the Cleveland, Parma, or Garfield, OH, areas.

Remember, the secret to a healthy vehicle is regular maintenance, so bring your Jaguar E-PACE in for a check-up today.


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