Jaguar Land Rover Supports Lyft via $25 Million Investment and Vehicle Fleet Donation



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British auto conglomerate Jaguar Land Rover has given the ride-hailing company Lyft twenty-five million dollars to support their business operations. In addition, Jaguar Land Rover donated a number of vehicles to Lyft – the exact amount of which is unknown to the public. The automaker provided Lyft with the monetary donation and fleet of vehicles through its mobility services branch, InMotion Ventures. The catch? Jaguar Land Rover wants the ability to test its autonomous vehicles on Lyft’s network.

The gift from Jaguar Land Rover represents a potentially lucrative deal for both the automaker, and the ride-hailing company. Lyft has already made several other deals to try to outrank it’s main competitor, Uber. Jaguar Land Rover, in turn, is showing great future-looking ability. It could very well wind up miles ahead of other luxury brands if car sales continue to decline, by establishing itself as a mainstay in the ride-sharing industry.  Ford once did this with the Crown Victoria as a NYC taxicab, and Checker Taxicabs did the same beforehand. In a coming age when ride hailing may mean being driven by an autonomous car with a human barista inside to make you more comfortable, a luxury brand like Jaguar seems to be fitting. 

It will be very interesting to see how autonomous driving progresses as time goes on. If all goes as planned, Jaguar Land Rover will have made a very financially lucrative decision for its own brand, that places it right in the heart of the ride-sharing ecosystem long into the future.